Covent Garden Supply has come a long way since the initial partnership between Alfie Johnson and Paul Whyman.


Alfie Johnson Snr


Began his career by following his father into the family firm, Aged 22 he started his own business supplying fresh produce to some of the top London restaurants. Like many of the top management, fruit and vegetables is in his blood and can lead to some passionate discussions about what is best.  Alfie’s favourite quote that will always stay with him is 'THE CUSTOMER IS KING'


Favourite Fruit - English Strawberries.

Favourite Veg - Peas.

Worst - Sprouts.



Paul Whyman


Paul eats, sleeps and breaths Covent Garden Supply and always has the best interests of the company and his staff at heart. Paul (who could sell ice to an Eskimo) is the main buyer at Covent Garden and has been instrumental in bringing in many of the customers who form the cornerstones of the company today. He is a real market face, well known to anyone who’s spent time on buyer’s walk.


Favourite Fruit - Cherries.

Favourite Veg - Jersey Mids.

Worst - Celeriac.




Michael Thorpe (The Guru)

Job Title: General Manager

Why the Guru you ask? One of his customer's flatteringly calls him “The Guru” because he love's teaching people how to use the different product's, where they come from and the best time to eat them. The name seem's to have stuck so hence The Guru." I am the third generation of my family to work in Covent Garden, I even worked a year in the old market before it moved to Nine Elm's, that is how long I have been around. I like to think I have seen it all but there are alway's new products coming through to eat and taste."


Favourite Fruit – English Raspberries or a Spartan Apple.

Favourite Veg – English Asparagus.

Worst – Tomatoes.



Alfie Johnson Jnr

Job Title: Credit Control Manager

Alfie Jnr started working for Alfie Snr during his 6 weeks school holiday's working in his father's business. That was it; the fruit and veg bug had bitten him. When he left school, he was one of the three packers/delivery staff that helped get the company off the ground. Alfie says it's been amazing watching the business grow, and learning all aspects of the company from his father and hoping one day to fill his father’s shoes.


Favourite Fruit - Mangoes.

Favourite Veg - English Asparagus.

Worst - Beetroot.



Steve Whyman

Job Title: Warehouse Manager

Like Alfie Jnr, Steve started off exactly the same way.  He joined Covent Garden Supply from the very beginning cold selling with his father Paul Whyman. Now 13 years later he is the night warehouse manager/buyer who keeps the packers inline, and checking that the quality of the produce is to the high standards that our customers deserve. Let’s hope Steve and Alfie can bring as much success in the future as the partnership of Alfie Snr and Paul Whyman.


Favourite Fruit - Lychees.

Favourite Veg - Cyprus Potatoes.

Worst - Cucumber.


Paul Eve

Job Title: Operations Manager

He came to work for Covent Garden Supply in 2006 as a forklift driver, and now is the man who ensures everything runs smoothly, he is also responsible for making sure all our lorries go out on time to ensure our customers get their deliveries at the right time and in the right condition


Favourite Fruit - Nectarines.

Favourite Veg - Sprouts.

Worst - Sweet Potatoes.



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