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Homogenised Pergal 3 Gallon
Homogenised Pergal 5 Gallon
Semi-Skimmed Pergal 3 Gallon
Semi-Skimmed Pergal 5 Gallon
Homogenised Poly Bottle 2lt
Pasteurised Poly Bottle 2lt
Semi-Skimmed Poly Bottle 2lt
Skimmed Poly Bottle 2lt
Organic Pasteurised Poly 2lt
Organic Semi Poly 2lt
Organic Skim Poly 1lt
Pasteurised Poly Bottle 1lt
Semi-Skimmed Poly Bottle 1lt
Pasteurised Poly Bottle 1 Pint
Semi-Skimmed Poly Bottle 1 Pint
Skimmed Poly Bottle 1 Pint
Pasteurised Milk Carton 1 Pint
Homogenised Milk Carton 1 Pint
Semi-Skimmed Milk Carton 1 Pint
Skimmed Milk Carton 1 Pint
Pasteurised Milk Carton 1/2 Pint
Semi-skim Milk Carton 1/2 Pint

UHT Pasteurised Milk Carton 500ml
UHT Semi-Skimmed Milk Carton 500ml
UHT Skimmed Milk Carton 500ml
UHT Soya Milk 1lt

Fresh Half Cream Portions 100 x 14ml
Fresh Milk Portions 100 x 14ml
UHT Milk Portions 100 x 14ml
UHT Cream Portions 100 x 14ml

Double Cream 48% 4 Pint
Double Cream 48% 1 Pint
Single Cream 18% 4 Pint
Single Cream 18% 1 Pint
Whipping Cream 38% 4 Pint
Whipping Cream 40% 4 Pint

Thick Soured Cream 2.5lt
Thick Set Soured Cream 5lt
Crème Fraiche French 1kg
Crème Fraiche 2kg
Crème Fraiche 2kg
Clotted Cream 907g

UHT Single Cream 1lt
UHT Aerosol Cream 500g

Muller Fruit Corners 175g
Muller Crunch Corner 150g
Muller Lights 200g
Muller Fresh Choice 100g
Muller Vitality 175g
Muller Rice 200g
Yeo Valley Organic Yogurt 150g
Spring Dew Fruit Low Fat 110g
Peuplier Fruit Glass Jar 125g
Peuplier Natural Glass Jar 125g**

Fruit Yogurt 1 Gallon
Natural Yogurt 1 Gallon
Natural Yogurt - Set 1 Gallon
Natural Yogurt 450g
Natural Yogurt 125g
Greek Yogurt 5lt
Greek Yogurt 225g

Box Salted Butter 40 x 250g
Box Unsalted Butter 40 x 250g
Box Wheelbarrow Butter 40 x 250g
Box Lescure Butter 40 x 250g
Butter Curl 20 x 250g
Clarified Butter 3kg
Bulk Butter 25kg
Butter Portions Foil 100 x 7g
Butter Dishes 100 x10g

Table Margarine Box 40 x 250g
Margarine Tub 2kg
Margarine Portions 100 x 7g
Margarine Dishes 100 x 10g

Austrian Mini Smoked 40 x 25g**
Bel Paese Portions 24 x 25g
Boursin Portions 30 x 16g**
Brie Mini Portions 60 x 30g**
Camembert Portions 8 x 25g
Cheddar Portions 50 x 20g
Danish Blue Portions 15 x 18g**
Edam Portions 200 x20g**
Gouda Portions 200 x 20g**
Laughing Cow Portions 80 x 17g**
Mini Babybel 96 x 20g**
Philadelphia Portions 24 x 16g**
Port Salut Portions 96 x 20g**
Red Leicester Portions 50 x 20g** EGGS
Eggs Pre-Packed 1/2 Dozen
Eggs Pre-Packed x 12
Eggs Tray x 30
Eggs Box 15 Dozen
Eggs Box 30 Dozen
Eggs Box Dated 30 Dozen
Egg Yolk Pasteurised 1kg
Egg Whole Pasteurised 1kg
Egg Whites Pasteurised 1kg
Cottage Cheese 2kg
Cream Cheese Full Fat 2kg
Cream Cheese Low Fat 2kg
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 1.65kg
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 10 x 200g**
Fromage Frais 1kg
Cheddar Mild Block 5kg
Cheddar Mature Block 5kg
Cheddar Grated 1kg
Cheddar Grated 2kg
Cheddar Slices Mild 50 x 20gm
Cheddar Irish Block 2.5kg**
Cheddar Wedge 250g
Cornish Yarg 1kg**
Applewood Smoked Cheddar 3kg**
Cahill Porter 2.3kg**
Cashel Blue Various**
Caerphilly Various**
Dorset Drum Truckle 2kg**
Double Gloucester Various**
Red Leicester Various
Stilton Wedge 280g
Stilton Baby 2kg
Wensleydale Various**
Boursin 150g**
Bresse Bleu Various**
Brie 60% French Whole 1kg
Brie King Whole 2.6kg
Camembert 250g
Camembert Rustique 1kg
Emmental French Block 1.5kg
Fourme d’Ambert Various**
Gaperon 350g**
Goat Log 1kg
Gruyere Grated French 1kg
Gruyere French Block 1.7kg
Livarot 450g**
Port Salut Various**
Roquefort 1.5kg
Roule Herb Various**
Tomme De Savoie Various**
Talaggio 2kg
Boccocino Mozzarella 100 x 10gm
Cambozola 2.2kg**
Dolcelatte 1.5kg
Gorgonzole 1.5kg
Mascapone 2kg
Mozzarella Block Galbani 1kg
Mozzarella Grated 2kg
Mozzarella Ball 125g
Mozzarella Buffalo Ball 200g
Parmesan Grana Padano 1kg
Parmesan Grana Padano 2kg
Parmesan Grated Dry 1kg
Parmesan Grated Fresh 1kg**
Provaleta Smoked 1kg**
Ricotta Galbani 1.5kg
Cambozola German Various**
Smoked German Log 2kg**
Danish Blue Various**
Jarlsberg 2.5kg**
Edam Wax Log 3kg
Gouda Various
Emmental Swiss Various
Gruyere Swiss Various
Feta Greek 1kg
Halloumi Greek 250g
Manchego Spanish 3kg**

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