Frozen Produce

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Frozen Artichokes Bottoms 2.5k
Frozen Asparagus Spears 1kg
Frozen Baby Corn 454g
Frozen Baguettes
Frozen Beans Broad 1kg
Frozen Beans Fine 1kg
Frozen Beans Fine Sliced 907g
Frozen Beans Runner 1 kg
Frozen Berries Mixed 1 kg
Frozen Blackberries 1kg
Frozen Blackcurrants 1kg
Frozen Blueberries 1kg
Frozen Broccoli 1kg
Frozen Brussels Sprouts 907g
Frozen Burger Buns x48
Frozen Carrots Baby 907g
Frozen Carrots Diced 907g
Frozen Carrots Sliced 1kg
Frozen Cauliflower Fl. 907g
Frozen Cherries 2.5kg
Frozen Chestnuts 454g
Frozen Chips BUTLER 13x13 2.5k
Frozen Chips BUTLER 9x9 2.5kg
Frozen Cranberries 1kg
Frozen Garden Peas 1 kg
Frozen Gooseberries 1 kg
Frozen Mango Chunks 1kg
Frozen Mushroom Cepes 1kg
Frozen Onion Rings 1kg
Frozen Onions Button 907g
Frozen Pastry Filo 400g
Frozen Pastry Puff 1.5kg
Frozen Pastry Puff Sheets 625g
Frozen Pastry Shortcrust 1.5kg
Frozen Pastry Vol-au-vent 36
Frozen Peeled Edamame Beans 50
Frozen Peppers Diced Mix 907g
Frozen Petit Pois 1kg
Frozen Potato Skins 1kg
Frozen Potatoes Roast 2.5kg
Frozen Raspberries 1kg
Frozen Redcurrants 1kg
Frozen Rhubarb 1kg
Frozen Samosas 10 each
Frozen Soya Beans 1kg
Frozen Spinach Block 2.5kg
Frozen Spinach Bonduelle 2.5kg
Frozen Spinach Chopped 2.5kg
Frozen Strawberries 1kg
Frozen Sweetcorn 1kg
Frozen Vegetables Mixed 907g
Frozen Wild Strawberries 1 kg
McCains Beefeater Chips 2.49kg
McCains Cheese & Tomato Pizza
McCains Freeze Chill 9/16 Chip
McCains Hash Browns 1kg
McCains Jacket Wedges 2.27kg
McCains Julienne Chips 2.5kg
McCains Saute Potatoes 2.27kg
McCains Spicy Pot Wedg 2.5kg
McCains Straight Cut Chips 2.5
McCains Straight Cut Oven Chip

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