Oils & Vinegars

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Oil - Hazelnut
Oil - Pomace
Oil - Vegetable
Oil - Virgin Olive
Oil - Walnut
Oil - White Truffle 1St Quality
Vinegar - Balsamic 12 Years Old
Vinegar - Balsamic 7 Years Old
Vinegar - Champagne
Vinegar - Chardonnay
Vinegar - Red Wine
Vinegar - Tarragon
Vinegar - White Wine
Oil Olive Extra Virgin 5 Litre
Oil Vegetable 20 Litre
Olives Black 800g
Olives Green 800g
Olives Tinned Black 3.5 kg
Olives Tinned Green 3.5 kg
Poinsettia LARGE
Prunes Dried 250g
Saffron 10g
Sherry Vinegar 1000 ml
Sun Blushed Tomatoes 1kg
Sun Dried Tomatoes 1kg
Tinned Chopped Tomatoes 2.5kg
Tinned Plum Tomatoes 2.5 kg
Vine Leaves 650g Jar
Vinegar White Wine 1 LitreVegetable Oil (Edicos) 20lt
Olive Oil 5lt
Mayonnaise 10lt
Mayonnaise 5lt
Salad Cream
Fresh Chilled Chips 2 x 5kg
Crispy Bacon 1kg
Back Bacon A1 2.27g
Tuna in Oil 6 x 1800g
Tuna in Brine 6 x 1800g
Baked Beans 6 x 1800g
Tinned Sliced Mushrooms 6 x 1200g
Tinned Tomatoes Plum 6 x 2.55g
Tinned Tomatoes Chopped 6 x 2.55g
Sweetcorn - Small 12 x 320g
Sweetcorn - Large 6 x 1.77g
Tomato Ketchup 4.5lt
Brown Sauce 4.5lt
Sundried Tomato 1kg & 3kg
Sunblushed Tomato 1kg
Fresh Fruit Salad 1kg
Jam Portions 100 x 20g
Marmalade Portions 100 x 20g
Jam 3kg
Marmalade 3kg
Peanut Butter 3kg
Vinegar 5lt
Branston Pickle

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