Did you know that there are more than just red coloured tomatoes? There are also striped tomatoes, green tomatoes (even when ripe), yellow, orange, purple, and even white tomatoes. You probably knew that, but for many people they didn't. If you have never considered heirloom tomatoes, then you are missing out on so many great and exotic flavours and colours. Every good vegetable chef will tell you it’s preferable to have a mix of tomatoes in any dish – raw or cooked. Each one has a different level of sweetness and acidity and, combined together, this gives a greater depth of flavour, as well as looking more interesting on the plate. Discerning types always look out for the more unusual varieties when choosing what to eat, steering well clear of the middle-sized, neatly round, bright red supermarket version. Here's a few examples of some unusual heirloom tomatoes above.

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