• FRUIT 20th MARCH 2013

    Watermelons are sadly a bit hit and miss, and the price has gone up because the South American season is coming to an end, we should shortly be moving into Spanish and then you should see a marked
    improvement in quality. Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots are arriving in larger quantities and the quality is really good. The first of the new season Comice pears have arrived from New Zealand and are well worth a look, we are also seeing a nice supply of red Forelle pears which are lovely and sweet. UK Strawberries are starting to arrive on the market but the quality is not the best, so I would advise only ordering them if you really need them. We are also seeing some new season Dutch Strawberries, they are better quality then the Spanish we are currently supplying, but they are more expensive. We also have some really nice quality outdoor Rhubarb available, and you will be pleased to hear the price is also pretty nice. Golden Kiwi have now finished, and will not be available for the next month, we should start to see them again around the beginning of June. Good news for all you Cherry fans out there, they are back, we are seeing the first of the new Spanish crop, but be warned at this time they are very expensive.

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