I am going to start with further bad news about potatoes. Supplies of chipping potatoes are running out, yields were down 15% due to the bad weather last summer and the planting of this season’s crop is running 2-3 weeks behind schedule due to the cold weather, meaning that the harvest will not begin until mid July and only if the weather is favourable. Sadly all of this means that as the supply dwindles the quality will drop and the price will rise which is bad news all round. Jersey Potatoes are also in short supply at the moment, although hopefully not for too much longer. It is not all doom and gloom though, we are seeing an increase in supply of Spanish Marrow, the quality is lovely and the price is very good. Round courgettes are also available in larger quantities; meaning a better price. Both the courgette and Marrow are great value, and perfect for stuffing and baking. There is some bad news regarding Curly Kale, due to very poor quality crops it will not be available for the next 3 – 4 weeks, but do not despair, we are seeing some lovely quality Savoy cabbage coming in from Portugal, the French season has come to an end and this new season Portuguese is beautiful and pretty good value. Ending with some more good news, UK Asparagus is arriving in larger quantities, meaning there has been a slight drop in price. 

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